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Serving Tiny Teeth with a Big Heart
- Passion. Fun. Experience. Caring -

Amelia N. Chim, DDS, MSD 

Board Certified Pediatric Dentist Specialist
Preferred Provider for Tongue Tie Releases

Airway-Centric Interdisciplinary and integrative approach to health


"As an airway and physiologically-focused pediatric dentist specialist, I dedicate myself to provide a fun and educational environment that will promote a lifetime of health and fearless dentistry. Thank you for your trust and the privilege of caring for your children"

Dr. Amelia Chim is one of the very select few that has comprehensive advanced training in infant and children sleep and airway functional dentistry and believes in continually adding to her dental education so she can offer the most current preventative orofacial growth and dental treatment available.

Dr. Amelia is also one of the few pediatric dentists who has both the advanced training in Dentistry for Persons with Disability as well as completed the most rigorous examinations and earned the highest distinction in the profession: Diplomate of American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. This sets her apart from all the other Pediatric dentists in the country. 

Dr. Amelia Chim had earned a master’s degree for her published research in the Journal of American Dental Association and the Journal of Pediatric Dentistry, both are very highly rated scientific journal where many dental providers refer to for continuing education. Her research was focused on providing dental care for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

As a pediatric dentist, Dr. Amelia Chim dedicates her career specifically to treat both healthy and medically compromised children and adolescence. Within this, she spends the majority of her time collaborating with local functional therapists to help infants and children feeding, speech, and other growth problem. Dr. Amelia is highly educated in all facets of physiologic dentistry and offer multiple treatment options to address oral myofunctional problems in children.

As a parent to four children, she can personally relate to parents’ concerns and believes that parents’ education play a very important role in their children’s oral health. In addition to being in her private practice, Dr. Amelia also spends her time teaching at the Pediatric Dentistry department of the University of Washington

On the off-chance that she is not working, you can find Dr. Amelia Chim with her husband and four young children hiking the Pacific Northwest or playing at the playgrounds.

  • Laser frenectomy and functional frenuloplasty of lip-, tongue-, and/or buccal-tie

  • Sleep disorder breathing screening and education

  • White Zirconia crowns (instead of silver stainless steel ones) available

  • Strong focus on oral myofunctional and physiological approach

  • Conservative treatment philosophy

  • Individualized treatment approach for each child

  • Evidence-based treatment

  • Specializes in children with autism, medically compromised, other special need

Dr. Amelia Chim
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Laughter is the best medicine

Laughter is the best medicine

We love to have fun too..
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Dr. Amelia and her family

Dr. Amelia and her family

We like to have fun too
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